About US

PORTRE GİYİM, 1983’ten bu yana tekstil sektöründe kalite ve yeniliklerle hizmet sunmaktadır.

PORTRE GİYİM has been providing services with quality and innovation in the textile industry since 1983.

PORTRE GİYİM, founded in Istanbul in 1983, produces woven clothing in its 10,000 m2 head office. In addition to this modern facility, it continues its effectiveness in the sector with its 4S knitted fabric factory with an area of 20,000 m2 in Istanbul and the PERFEKS production factory of 20,000 m2 in Kirklareli.

It has been existing in this sector for years as one of the leading companies in the field of women's outerwear, weaving and knitting, which is its field of expertise. It cooperates with prestigious brands with its product standards and workmanship quality.

PORTRE has a monthly production capacity of 400,000 pieces and is among the leaders in the industry and in the world with a total of 435 expert employees. Known for its high technology standards and quality control in production, PORTRE offers world-class services by combining service and quality with customer satisfaction. It has strengthened its position in Turkey and around the world with new collections, high-tech operations, R&D studies and successful sales and marketing strategies.

The commitment to quality is supported by international certifications such as SEDEX . Within the framework of the principle of sustainability, it uses environmentally friendly materials and methods in its production processes.


  • Providing the most suitable solutions to customer needs in the textile industry with innovative approach and superior quality standards.
  • To continue to be an environmentally friendly company.
  • To maintain our competitive power and increase our success in the global market.
  • To provide the fastest and most reliable solution in the industry.
  • To develop continuous production technologies.


  • To be a company that advances with the latest technology, follows innovations quickly and implements them immediately, raises the bar every day and creates value for our customers, with the belief that “there is no limit in quality”.
  • To be a leading company in the textile industry by offering quality at international standards with sustainable practices
  • Therefore, our priority has always been "to offer fashion, with good quality and price".