Our Design Process

Design has always been the force behind Portre's success. We attach utmost importance to our collection process as we believe that it is of great importance in meeting the demands of our customers.

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Our design team develops new trend models by closely following world fashion trends and current fashion news. Our design team, which guides our customers in selecting pieces while creating their collections, follows the fashion industry closely by observing the fashion shows, held in fashion capitals such as London, Paris and New York.

We strive to ensure that our special designs and capsule collections always meet or exceed customer expectations. We support our customers in determining their styles by obtaining all the information about next season trends.

We first conduct in-depth research for the private designs. For the same purpose, we meet our customers by visiting concept stores of various brands. We believe that understanding the brand's signature is vital to properly serve our customers.

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Our design team develops a new, unique collection for each customer, based on their goals, in line with trends. We create unique sets in which we include accessories and pieces appropriate to the concept to enhance our customers' collections.

We always take the design practices by constantly improving our fabrics, accessories, printing-embroidery and washing techniques. We cooperate with various suppliers for accessories and embroidery for the prospective designs. In the light of the information we have obtained as a result of our research, by taking into account the customer needs, we apply creative ideas into our designs.

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After all materials are applied (such as fabrics, accessories, embroidery and washing) and turned into product, we deliver them to our final customers. We attach importance to open communication with our customers and staying in touch throughout the process, from product and collection presentations to ordering, from order to delivery.

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